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Kia EV6

All new, all electric Kia EV6 takes Guinness World Records title in journey across the United States

  • Kia bests Tesla’s previous record for shortest charging time to cross the US in an electric vehicle by more than five hours
  • The average charging stop during the 4,636km journey lasted less than 20 minutes 

25 November 2021 – Kia’s all-new EV6 recently made Guinness World Records history, traveling 2,880.5 miles (4,636km) with the shortest charging time to cross the United States in an electric vehicle. During the seven-day trek from New York City to Los Angeles, the Kia EV6 was plugged in for a scant 7 hours 10 minutes and 1 second, beating previous record holder, Tesla, by more than five and a half hours (12 hours, 48 minutes, and 19 seconds).

“The EV6’s record-setting run is the latest signal that Kia will be a leader in the popularisation of electric vehicles,” said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing at Kia America. “All of Kia’s world-class engineering and experience in electric vehicles will be applied in the move to electrification. The same attention to detail, design, quality, technology and driving dynamics that Kia has become known for will be found in every new electric vehicle we bring to market.”

EV6 is the first model to be launched under Kia’s Plan S strategy which puts electrification at the forefront of the company’s future. Kia’s first dedicated electric vehicle has achieved product carbon footprint certification and ‘Carbon Measured’ label from the global climate change and sustainability consultancy, The Carbon Trust, becoming the first Korean vehicle manufacturer to achieve the certificate.