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Ducato MY 2021 named “Best Motorhome Base 2022” by the readers of the German magazine “Promobil”, for the 14th time in a row

  • The Fiat Professional Ducato is the “Best Motorhome Base Vehicle 2022”, elected by the readers of Promobil – a specialized leader German motorhome magazine – for the 14th year in a row.
  • The model continues to dominate the European market, the large majority of the motorhomes are based on the Ducato.
  • Since 1981, the Ducato has been continuously produced at the Sevel plant, located in Val di Sangro. In about ten years, this vehicle has been selected by over 700,000 European families as a motorhome base, confirming its leadership in the sector.
  • Ducato continues to satisfy and anticipate the needs of RV customers: Ducato MY 2021 includes appreciated new ADAS, new engines and new interiors, always starting from the previous consolidated strengths and reliability, all visible in a new virtual 3D Ducato showroom.

The Ducato is awarded with the prestigious: “Best Motorhome Base 2022”, for the fourteenth time in a row, ahead of its well-known competitors. The readers of Promobil, a leader German magazine that represents a major benchmark for trends in the recreational vehicles sector for over 25 years, have voted again Ducato.

The New Ducato MY2021 is an enhanced model to best respond to all recreational and professional needs and it comes with numerous and relevant new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), for the further improved safety of the RV customers.

It also boasts major new features for the Ducato motorhome base versions, aiming to further consolidating its undisputed leadership in the sector. In a bit more than ten years, more than 700,000 households across Europe have selected a motorhome based on this range

Leisure sector customers are particularly enthusiastic about one of its major feature: the new 9-speed automatic transmission, which ensures a relaxed and pleasant driving experience, fuel consumption optimization as well as performance benefit. The Ducato motorhome base offers a wide range of power based on the well-known Euro 6d-Final 2.2-liter diesel engine. It is robust and durable, yet guarantees performance and comfort while driving, with its four power levels: 120, 140, 160 and 180 hp. The complete line up of Euro 6D-Final MultiJet3 engines represent the adapted solutions to the different paths that RV customers will undertake. Finally, for safe and smooth journeys, the most advanced drive assistance systems (ADAS) come as standard, as well as specific suspension for motorhomes, together with a long list of features to guarantee maximum comfort.

The prestigious German “Best motorhome base” award stands out, confirming the trust customers accord to the Ducato model as an ideal base for their leisure time. Fiat Professional is the only brand with a dedicated team that can boast a profound knowledge of the world of Recreational Vehicles, as “certified” by the “Fiat Professional For Recreational Vehicles” logo. The brand is also highly

specialized in terms of products and services for the motorhome owners, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility and freedom for its customers.

Also from the digital world, other than dedicated website, Facebook and Instagram page, comes the new virtual 3D Ducato showroom for both travelers and motorhome manufacturers, which provides complete information about new products and immerses you in the world of vehicles for leisure and tourism: