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  • Spot on the Toyota CRYO RDT eCycling team up for grabs

So, you think you’ve got what it takes when it comes to just you and your bike? Now’s your chance to put your fitness and cycling intuition to the test. Why don’t you enter The Toyota Gaming Engine Tour de Virtuale eCycling Tournament and you could find yourself in a race to secure your spot on the Toyota CRYO RDT ecycling team.

A unique event providing the opportunity for talented riders to get noticed, The Toyota Gaming Engine Tour de Virtuale eCycling Tournament begins with a two-week training programme including two community rides on Zwift. It will then shift into progressively higher gears over three phases, kicking off on April 14 with individual time trials and culminating with the in-person finals on May 14 at a Cycle Lab store in Gauteng.

According to Vice President of Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM), Glenn Crompton, competitive cycling has traditionally been limited to elite athletes who have honed their abilities over years in the seat, developing their on-the-road tactical skills and building their way into the best teams in the world. However, he says, ecycling is now leveling the playing field by allowing cycling enthusiasts and talented individuals to test their mettle on a virtual platform.

“We are thrilled that, through esports, Toyota is making cycling accessible to a wider audience. We would like everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to compete on a professional level in an ecycling team,” says Crompton.

According to Vice President of Marketing at TSAM, Glenn Crompton: “Our approach to sustainable development is aligned to the Toyota Global CSR policy and guiding principles. We realise that we can play a positive role in the societies and environment in which we operate through contributing to the economic and social development, as well as working in harmony with nature.”

TSAM’s latest investment was in the form of the R2.6 billion allocated to the introduction of the Toyota Corolla Cross, which was launched earlier this month. The introduction of the Corolla Cross model has generated a total of 575 new jobs at the TSAM plant while over 1200 direct jobs were created in the component supply base. In addition, Toyota continues to invest generously in the development of sport, arts and culture through a number of sponsorships in these disciplines. 

Crompton explains that: “As a corporate citizen, giving back to communities – whether through billions of investment in the South African economy or our CSR initiatives – has become second to nature in the six decades that Toyota has operated in SA. We could not have communicated it any better than in our new TVC. It’s both emotive and powerful, and it resonates well with the diverse demographics of our country.”

The TVC was produced by FCB Joburg – a subsidiary of Nahana Communications Group. “Toyota has done so much in South Africa over the years and is such a huge part of the culture and the economy, but it has never been the kind of brand that brags about its own achievements,” says Brett Morris, CEO of Nahana Group of Companies.

“So, in true Toyota style we wanted to find a way to pay tribute to 60 years of Toyota in South Africa by honouring the amazing people of South Africa. Toyota does indeed move the country in so many ways but is also moved by Mzansi’s people, who really are such a big part of the Toyota brand,” concludes Morris.