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Maserati Grecale Fuoriserie: a special order from Mars

Maserati is breaking the rules and fulfilling an order from Mars. Grecale Mission from Mars is the result that goes beyond the boundaries of the Earth.

Innovative by nature, Maserati has chosen the Fuoriserie Programme to create a unique model. A special Maserati for a special customer.

Maserati Fuoriserie is a blank slate, and the brand is offering a wide range of designs and colours for it. The rest falls to the inspiration of individual customers (Martians too!), who are given the opportunity to take on the stance of a trendsetter and to express their personal creativity.

The Mission from Mars has begun and the options to customise Grecale are pushed to their absolute limit.

The red dust of the planet Mars and its oxidised rocks cross-fertilise Grecale Mission from Mars: a special textured metallic is paint inspired by mineral dust and metal erosion is used on components inside and out.

The exteriors are painted in Galactic Orange, a Fuoriserie interpretation of the bodywork in a multi-layered colour. Its highly liquid base is reminiscent of molten metal, on top of an intense, futuristic and almost frosted orange-red resin.

To complete the exterior, Grecale Mission from Mars features special Vortex Wheels.

Not a mere customisation of the wheel rim from a chromatic perspective, but a genuine retelling of the mechanical processing of the material itself; its removal leaves behind a vortex design, recalling the displacement of air caused by start-up and travelling at speed.

The raw surface is protected by a transparent topcoat of black ink. Conversely, the grey of the tyres is made from a special blend dedicated to the planet Mars.

The badges are specific and the trident on the C-pillar merges into the bodywork, giving it a 2D aspect, in larger proportions than usual. The design of the Trident logo has been revisited with a glitch effect, both symbolising the rhythm of the waves and information incoming from outer space, and bringing to mind the feeling of movement at very high speed. The mirror effect is similar to a solar lens, here embedded in the dark orange of the bodywork.

E.T. may have phoned home with his finger, but all it takes in the Grecale Mission from Mars is a tap on the 12.3” screen, the largest ever seen in a Maserati, for an all-encompassing experience inside the car and out, all the way to another planet.

Connectivity with outer space” is not the only feature to assist with a journey beyond the boundaries of the Earth: intergalactic motorists can find a special “star chart” right on the ceiling. Just look up to see a projection of the main constellations, ideal to transport yourself into spaces left out from most standard atlases.

After setting up your route, all you need to do is enjoy the journey, courtesy of Grecale’s best-in-class versatility and its interior: the seats act as the perfect pairing of a design inspired by the electric currents on Mars with astronauts’ spacesuits and the latest trends in fashion, bringing together craftsmanship and innovation. The design elements are reinterpreted with an innovative flair. Not only mere graphics, but also know-how, transformed through curiosity and openness to stimuli from the beauty of the future with the details lying in the colours and materials, filtered through the characteristic style of Maserati.

Technology reigns in the cabin in terms of the upholstery too: the car’s interior uses transverse lasering with a contrasting multi-coloured welded backing, taping, silicone coatings, embossing and debossing on leather, and leverages automotive materials such as Alcantara and leather.

The boldest journey through outer space takes off from Mars and lands in Milan, where the special one-off Maserati will be unveiled at an exclusive evening event, the epitome of the everyday exceptional.

Grecale Mission from Mars is projecting Maserati forward into the future, as a bold synthesis of avant-garde, passion and unbounded customisation, made possible by Fuoriserie.