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  • A new era begins for Lexus Battery EVs and the Lexus Electrified vision
  • The all-new RZ brings a unique Lexus driving experience based on the Lexus Electrified vision.
  • Using a new all-wheel drive system called DIRECT4
  • RZ offers drivers a refined, human-centred driving experience.

Lexus is proud to unveil details of the new “RZ”, the luxury brand’s first globally available pure Battery EV (BEV) model.

Since the launch of the RX400h in 2005, Lexus has been a pioneer of electrification within the luxury market. As with the first RX hybrid model, our engineers have imbued our hybrid vehicles with an excellent driving identity and environmental performance. In 2019, Lexus’ fundamental approach toward vehicle electrification evolved thanks to the Lexus Electrified vision. Lexus aims to invigorate all guests’ authentic love for driving exhilaration, and in doing so, will broaden its Lexus Electrified portfolio of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), battery electric vehicle (BEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) products to exceed the needs and expectations of a more diverse set of luxury buyers.

The portfolio expansion will move Lexus toward another essential goal: The realisation of a sustainable global society. Lexus will contribute to the realisation of a carbon-neutral society by offering a full line-up of BEVs in all categories by 2030. Five years later, Lexus seeks to attain 100 percent BEV sales globally. To meet these challenges, Lexus will rigorously improve its products, along with the expertise of its personnel, by repeating “drive and fix” development at Toyota Technical Centre Shimoyama (hereinafter referred to as “TTCS”), Lexus’ new operational base.

As Lexus’ first globally available and dedicated BEV model, the new RZ marks Lexus’ transition into a BEV-centred brand and embodies the unique Lexus vehicle design and driving experience brought on by advanced electrification technology. For driving performance, the use of a BEV-specific platform (e-TNGA), as well as a lightweight and highly rigid body, has greatly evolved the fundamental performance of the vehicle by achieving optimal weight distribution through ideal placement of the battery and motor. In addition, the adoption of a new steering control and Steer-by-Wire system, along with the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system using electrification technology, enables vehicle control that is faithful to the driver’s intention. An exhilarating driving experience is realised, making the RZ feel like a true extension of its driver. Furthermore, we pursued the creation of an audio sound that seamlessly conveys vehicle condition changes to the driver. These efforts are being carried out at TTCS, Lexus’ new development base, in order to enhance the uniquely Lexus driving flavour, the Lexus Driving Signature.

The exterior design expresses the seamless acceleration and dynamic torque-filled performance specific to BEVs. Lexus’ identifiable spindle grille is replaced by a BEV Spindle Body which focuses on aerodynamic efficiencies, optimised proportions, and style, versus serving the cooling and exhaust needs of an internal combustion engine. This styling evolution ushers in a new Lexus aesthetic and establishes a new design direction for BEV offerings. Within the spindle body is a minimalist, spacious interior focused on amplifying a sustainable mobility message and Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) through its application of mindfully sourced materials.

Though simplistic, the space is luxurious thanks to its crafted touches and advanced technologies. In addition, the cabin features an available panoramic roof which visually opens the space, while passenger comfort is improved by a highly efficient heating system featuring a Lexus-first radiant heater.

We believe that Lexus, an established luxury automaker, should continue pursuing the creation of exciting cars while respecting nature and the global environment to achieve a carbon-neutral society. The RZ has been developed with the aim of creating a uniquely Lexus BEV that feels secure to ride in, is pleasing to the touch, and is exhilarating to drive. DIRECT4, the core technology of Lexus Electrified, is all-wheel drive system that achieves quick and linear response according to driver input. 

Main specifications of the new RZ (prototype)

Overall length4,805 mm
Overall width1,895 mm
Overall height1,635 mm
Wheelbase2,850 mm
Tire size18/20 inches
Cruise rangeApprox. 450km*2
Battery capacity71.4kWh
OutputFront:150 kWRear:80 kW


Steer by wire Steering Wheel: A Lexus-first Steer-by-Wire system with advanced steering control added as an option to the traditional circular steering wheel to create an enhanced communicative relationship between human and machine. Steer-by-Wire enables the electronic exchange of steering and road surface information between the advanced steering control and tires via electrical signals, not mechanical linkage. 

The control’s steering angle is set at approximately 150 degrees, thus greatly reducing the driver’s workload and eliminating the need for hand-over-hand operation at intersections, U-turns, parking, winding roads, and other driving situations. Unhindered by a sizeable standard steering wheel, designers crafted the steering control’s compact shape and lowered the instrument meter’s placement to encourage driver engagement and environmental awareness. In addition, the driver’s eye movements are also minimised and their eyes are drawn naturally forward.

A quite space: Under the Lexus Electrified vision, Lexus engineers pursue the creation of expressive in-cabin sounds that convey the exhilaration of driving by establishing a dialogue between the car and the driver. Quietness is also pursued to maximise interior cabin comfort. The underfloor battery functions as a sound barrier and the entire perimeter of the hood opening are sealed to eliminate noise caused by turbulent airflow. In addition, unwanted noise is suppressed through the use of front/rear seat acoustic glass, and the new weather-stripping cross section creates quiet, conversation-friendly space, even when driving at high speeds.

New Exterior Colours: Six exterior colours are available, including “Aether Metallic,” which evokes the nimble driving performance of BEVs, and “Sonic Copper,” Lexus’ newest metallic texture. Furthermore, an available bi-tone colour scheme lays solid black from the front of the spindle body to the upper hood and roof. The livery provides a modern vibe that underscores the RZ’s spindle body.

Inside the cabin: Three types of seat materials are used, including Ultrasuede, an upholstery material that pursues a sense of warm refinement using 30-percent-bio-based sustainable materials. The combination of a clean, modern space and simple surfaces with a focus on texture, expresses a welcoming sense of freedom.

The panoramic roof: Extends from the top of the front seats to the heads of rear seat passengers, contributes to a sense of wide-open space. The sunshade has been eliminated to avoid cramped headspace, caused by the rise in floor level due to the battery being mounted under the floor. In addition to the shade-less design, the Low-E glass secures ample headroom and provides heat shielding, thermal insulation, and 99% UV protection which enables the vehicle interior to be kept comfortable even in harsh environments such as direct sunlight and under ultraviolet rays.

Safety System: The RZ uses the latest Lexus Safety System + based on the belief that it is important to develop world-class advanced safety technologies faster and adopt them into more vehicles. The addition of Pro-active Driving Assist support situations and optimal control based on driver monitor linked driver conditions will further contribute to the customers’ safe and secure drive.