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Safety first! Why the Nissan Magnite is a magnet for safety savvy compact SUV fans

Johannesburg – The Nissan Magnite is proving a popular choice among South Africans in the market for a compact sports utility vehicle (SUV), and not just for its stylish design, innovative technology and dynamic road presence. It’s also crammed with safety features to keep its occupants comfortable, secure and safe.

“With the Nissan Magnite, driver and passenger safety isn’t a bolt-on afterthought. It lies at the heart of this exciting new compact SUV, which is built from the ground up with stability, road holding and impact protection in mind,” said Stefan Haasbroek, Marketing Director of Nissan Africa.

This starts with a rock-solid safety platform in the form of a high strength, impact absorbing efficient body structure. Further structural stability is provided by an anti-roll bar for safer tight cornering at high speeds thanks to the low body roll this affords.

Building on this base are an impressive suite of features designed to keep the new Magnite surefooted and planted to the surface, whatever the conditions.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps prevent the wheels from locking up when the brakes are applied suddenly, allowing the driver steer in emergencies by restoring traction to the tyres.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) changes the amount of braking power sent to each wheel, providing stronger and safer braking performance in emergency situations.

Nissan Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) is the electronic stability control system found on Nissan’s vehicles, including the Magnite. It can help prevent under- and over-steer by reducing engine speed and applying the brakes individually on specific wheels.

Traction Control System (TCS) helps prevent wheelspin. When wheelspin is detected, the system automatically reduces throttle or applies the brakes to restore grip and keep the vehicle under control and moving forward.

Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) detects when the driver applies the brake suddenly, but not hard enough, and automatically applies full brake pressure to slow the vehicle down faster than the driver could do manually, helping to prevent a collision.

The seatbelt reminder system, for frontal occupants across all variants, ensures that safety is top of mind before even driving off. If the worst happens and a collision is unavoidable, the SRS dual stability system with pretension and load limiter seatbelt help to minimise the impact for the driver and passenger.

In addition to these powerful active and passive safety features, Magnite owners can take further comfort in several other innovations that make for a more convenient and secure driving experience.

Hill Start Assist (HSA) helps stop the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an uphill, while a speed-sensing door lock, combined with central locking take the worry out of forgetting to manually lock the doors when setting off.

Additional peace of mind comes in the form of the electronic Tyre Pressure Monitor, which provides an early warning of any problems with the tyres.

Best in class Bi-Projector LED headlamps make it easier for the driver to see potential hazards, while LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) make it easier for the Magnite to be seen, whatever the weather.

Then, there are those cutting-edge, first in class features that make travelling in the Nissan Magnite feel like a trip to the future, while also enhancing safety and security.

Take the built-in wireless support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Not only does this make for a much more interactive and customisable in-car entertainment experience, it’s also safer because this dash-mounted, voice activated system removes the temptation for the driver to glance down at their smartphone to read messages, or worse, remove a hand from the wheel to take a call or change songs.

Finally, the Around View Monitor processes video from four cameras to provide a composite birds-eye view as if taken form a camera right above the vehicle. This not only makes parking much easier, but will help the driver spot obstructions, including people, around the vehicle.

“South African motorists are becoming increasingly safety conscious and the Nissan Magnite ticks all the important boxes in this respect, including a few many may not have considered,” said Haasbroek.

“Owning a compact SUV shouldn’t mean choosing between bold styling and comfort on the one hand and safety and security on the other. With the Nissan Magnite you can enjoy both without compromise.”