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Specifications of Volkswagen’s new compact SUV coupé, the Taigo, announced

  • The Taigo features a large panoramic sunroof, LED lights and a sporty R-Line trim with a Black Style Package.
  • The Taigo achieved top marks in the Euro NCAP test, ensuring high safety standards.
  • The Taigo is positioned between the T-Cross and the T-Roc in the Volkswagen T SUV model range.
  • The Taigo will retail in South Africa from June 2022.

Johannesburg – The new Volkswagen Taigo (pronounced ‘tie-go’) will join the Volkswagen T SUV model range in South Africa from June 2022.

The Volkswagen Taigo, which is manufactured in Pamplona, Spain, will join the T-Cross and T-Roc as Volkswagen’s trio of compact SUVs in the A0 SUV segment. Volkswagen’s T SUV range currently consists of five models namely the T-Cross, T-Roc, Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace and Touareg.

With the new Taigo, Volkswagen has produced its first SUV coupé in this segment. Highlights of the new Taigo include high-quality equipment features, raised seating position and unrestricted suitability for everyday use. The technical basis of the new Taigo is provided by Volkswagen’s Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB). The MQB platform offers a range of advantages: tight proportions are combined with a high level of body rigidity, excellent crash properties and a low body weight.

Modern, sporty design with a distinctive and charismatic look.

The design of the Taigo is characterised by powerful proportions and particularly striking is the coupé silhouette, with its strongly forward-sloping C-pillar. The side view is also characterised by very precise and sharp lines, which, together with the large wheels and offset wheel arch cladding, emphasise the crossover character of the Taigo. The overhang at the rear has been extended to underscore the vehicle’s functionality. The luggage compartment volume is an impressive 440 litres and offers almost as much storage space with full seating as the T-Cross with its sliding rear seat (385 to 455 litres). All exterior lighting elements from the headlights to the rear lights feature LED technology as standard, which makes for a charismatic daytime and night-time signature.

The Taigo has a long roof line which slopes elegantly towards the rear, merging into the roof spoiler at the level of the rear window. The window line, surrounded in black, visually lowers the centre of gravity of the Taigo. Among the iconic details is the long band of side windows, including the third side window integrated in the C- pillar and the window line rising sharply towards the rear. It opens up into the precisely cut C-pillar and gives the new SUV coupé a dynamic feel.

The Taigo is flatter and longer than the T-Cross and has a ground clearance of 137 mm. The striking design of the front and rear bumpers also underscores the highly distinctive nature of the new Taigo. The long wheelbase of 2 566 mm gives all passengers a comfortable and slightly elevated seating position. As compared to the Polo and T-Cross, the distance between the axles has been increased by two and three millimetres respectively. Measuring 4 266 mm in length, 1 515 mm in height and 1 757 mm in width, the Taigo has short overhangs that give it a powerful and sporty appearance.

The standard LED headlights extend far into the black radiator grille. Together they define the Taigo’s “face”, extending across the entire width of the vehicle. The IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights (standard in the Style and R-Line) are particularly striking. The LED modules combine with the LED daytime running lights to form a unique signature. With its muscular contours, the bonnet extends far down into the radiator grille. No less striking is the newly designed bumper which, like the radiator grille, emphasises the width of the Taigo. In the rear, the new Taigo also has LED tail light clusters as standard.

These consist of one main element on both the right and left in the body and a second segment that extends over the tailgate. The rear tail light unit, surrounded in black, gives a more striking appearance to the rear section and an enhanced sense of quality and dynamic flair to the Taigo as a whole. One continuous light strip emphasises the width of the vehicle and intensifies its sporty appeal.

The new Taigo is available in eight exterior colours – two solid paint finishes, five metallic paint finishes and one pearl effect finish. All body colours except Deep Black Pearl can be combined with a contrasting black roof. Customers can choose wheel sizes from 16 to 18-inch alloy wheels.

Digitalised interior.

The entire dash panel of the new Taigo features a horizontal design. This design is largely defined by the modules that the dash panel contains: the standard Digital Cockpit in the Taigo Life or the Digital Cockpit Pro in the Taigo Style and R-Line, as well as the new generation of infotainment systems. The new Taigo is available with a choice of three different infotainment systems: Composition Colour with a 6.5-inch display (standard in the Life), Composition Media with an 8.0-inch display (standard in Style and R-Line) and the optional Discover Media with an 8.0-inch display format.

The 2-zone climatronic air conditioning (standard in the Style and R-Line) has a new, digitalised mode of operation: touch panels and sliders now perform the functions of rotary knobs and buttons.

Located below the air conditioning module are two USB-C ports and, as an option, a compartment for inductive smartphone charging.

Progressive lighting and driver assistance systems.

With the IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights, a new evolutionary stage of vehicle lighting is fitted as standard in the Taigo Style and R-Line. In this way, Volkswagen is driving forward the democratisation of innovative LED lighting system across all classes – right down to the small car segment. Alongside the Taigo, this system is also used in the Touareg, new Golf, new Tiguan, new Tiguan Allspace and new Polo.

IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist. Volkswagen has bundled its systems for assisted driving under the umbrella brand IQ.DRIVE. A fundamental element here is the Travel Assist system, which permits partly automated driving in the Taigo. The system can steer, brake and accelerate the Taigo at speeds between 30 and 200 km/h. To do this, the activated system relies on functions such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist. Using a radar system in the front end and a camera behind the windscreen, Travel Assist can maintain the speed, lane and distance from the vehicle in front. The system is activated by means of the Travel- Assist button in the multi-function steering wheel. The driver must remain responsible for control of the Taigo and must keep their hands on the steering wheel even when IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist is active.

Predictive ACC. The latest generation of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works together with the DSG transmission and navigation system to proactively take into account local speed limit information, town boundary signs, junctions and traffic circles. To do this, the assist system uses the signals from the front camera as well as GPS and map data. The new ACC thus becomes a kind of intelligent cruise control system and is a good example of how familiar assist systems are being continuously enhanced. Moreover, when the system is combined with DSG, the Taigo with ACC can be automatically slowed to a standstill behind a stopping vehicle. ACC operation resumes automatically in the Taigo once re-enabled by the driver.

Side Assist plus Lane Assist. The new Taigo is equipped with the optional Lane Assist, the lane keeping system. If the Taigo is ordered with the optional driver assist system package including Side Assist, these two systems merge. Its advantages come into play in two situations in particular: on the highway, it recognises vehicles in the blind spot that are overtaking quickly or driving at low speed in slow-moving traffic, warns the driver about them, and initiates counter-steering via Lane Assist before a dangerous situation can occur. When reversing out of a parking space, the sensor system already detects vehicles approaching from the side before they enter the driver’s field of vision. It can then warn the driver very early on about traffic crossing sideways.

Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist. This optional feature uses a radar sensor integrated in the front of the vehicle to continuously monitor the distance to the vehicles ahead. The system assists the driver in critical situations by preconditioning the brake system, alerting the driver to the need to react by visual and audible warnings and, in a second stage, by a brief warning jolt of the brake pedal. If the driver does not brake hard enough, the system automatically generates the necessary amount of brake pressure to prevent a collision. If the driver does not react at all, Front Assist automatically applies the brakes to give the driver more reaction time. In addition, the system assists by informing the driver if the distance to the vehicle ahead is too short.

Driver Alert System. The Driver Alert System, which comes as standard, detects if the driver has lost concentration and sends them an acoustic warning lasting five seconds. In addition, a break recommendation is displayed in the instrument cluster. If the driver does not take a break within the next 15 minutes, the warning is repeated.

Park Assist. Park Assist automatically guides the Taigo into perpendicular or parallel parking spaces and can reverse the car out of the latter as well. The system is activated by pressing a button on the centre console. Using the indicators, the driver selects the side on which the vehicle is to be parked. Once Park Assist finds sufficient parking space, using the ultrasound sensors, assisted parking can begin. The driver selects reverse gear and only has to accelerate and brake in a controlled manner. The system takes over steering.

Three equipment lines with individual standard features. Volkswagen has redesigned its equipment lines across all model ranges for greater clarity. Features favoured by most customers such as LED headlights and Digital Cockpit are now integrated as standard in the Taigo. The Taigo is available in Life, Style and R-Line versions.

Life: the new golden mean. LED headlights and LED tail lights come as standard in the Taigo Life. Volkswagen now includes the Digital Cockpit as part of the standard equipment of all new model series. Standard features include; the Composition Colour system with 6.5- inch monitor, App-Connect, We Connect Go, a front centre armrest with a USB-C interface, multi-function leather steering wheel, electric foldable exterior mirrors with heating function and exterior highlights such as an individualised front section with chrome-look crossbar, projection light in the exterior mirrors, 16-inch Belmopan alloy wheels and black roof rails. When unlocking and locking the Taigo, a honeycomb-textured carpet of light is projected next to the driver and passenger doors. The seats in the Taigo Life are upholstered in high-quality Slash/Stoff fabric; the matching interior décor is known as Lava Stone Black.

Optional features in the Taigo Life are the tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, removable trailer hitch, IQ.Light LED Matrix headlights, Keyless Entry, 17-inch Bangalore alloy wheels, Comfort Package (Rear View Camera, Keyless Entry and Park Assist), Driver Assistance Package (Park Assist, Lane Assist and Side Assist), Seat heater for front seats, Composition Media with inductive mobile charging and Discover Media (Wireless App-Connect, inductive mobile charging, Active Info Display, Voice Control and Navigation).

Style includes IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights. The Style is differentiated from the range by the rear bumper which has a chrome strip and a silver diffuser. Another distinctive feature of the Taigo Style is that it has silver anodised roof rails as standard. In addition to the standard features in the Life model, other standard features of the Taigo Style include IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights, ambient lighting, 17-inch Aberdeen alloy wheels, Park Distance Control in the front and rear, Dynamic Light Assist, 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit Pro, Active Info Display and an 8-inch Composition Media infotainment system. The Pale Grey seat covers and the high- gloss décor Deep Iron Grey provide a stylish ambience.

Optional features in the Taigo Style include the tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, removable trailer hitch, Keyless Entry, 17-inch Tokio alloy wheels, 18-inch Funchal alloy wheels, beats sound system, Comfort Package (Rear View Camera, Keyless Entry and Park Assist), IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist Package (Lane Assist, Forward Collision Warning including Autonomous Emergency Braking system and Adaptive Cruise Control), Driver Assistance Package (Park Assist, Lane Assist and Side Assist), Seat heater for front seats, Inductive mobile charging which includes Composition Media Plus and Discover Media (Wireless App-Connect, inductive mobile charging, Voice Control and Navigation).

R-Line with bumpers in R design. At first glance, its individualised exterior and interior underscore the sporty positioning of the Taigo R-Line within the overall range. The bumpers are distinguished by their striking R-Line design. In the front bumper, the high-gloss black cross and longitudinal bars of the air intakes convey a unique and charismatic sense of dynamism. Here too, IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights and LED fog lights are fitted as standard. A diffuser –in high-gloss black – with chrome-look integrated exhaust panels in the lower part of the vehicle rear distinguishes this area from the other equipment versions. The optional Black Style Package adds fascinating black exterior accents to the Taigo R-Line. The exterior mirror caps, radiator grille and tailpipe trim are all finished in black, while the darkened side windows and dark rear window shield the interior. The Black Style Package is rounded off with 18-inch Misano alloy wheels in black.

The Taigo R-Line’s seats are upholstered in Karoso fabric in ArtVelours providing a perfect match for the interior décor in Dark Grey Anodized Matt. In addition to the standard features in the Style model, the Taigo R-Line also comes standard with a black headliner, stainless steel pedals, privacy glass for rear side windows and rear windows, Active Info Display as well as 17-inch Valencia alloy wheels.

Optional features in the Taigo R-Line include the tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, removable trailer hitch, Black Styling Package with black 18-inch Misano alloy wheels, Keyless Entry, 18-inch Misano alloy wheels, beats sound system, IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist Package (Lane Assist, Forward Collision Warning including Autonomous Emergency Braking system and Adaptive Cruise Control), Comfort Package (Rear View Camera, Keyless Entry and Park Assist), Driver Assistance Package (Park Assist, Lane Assist and Side Assist), Seat heater for front seats, Inductive mobile charging which includes Composition Media Plus and Discover Media (Wireless App-Connect, inductive mobile charging, Voice Control and Navigation).

Economical 1.0 TSI engine with 85kW of power.

The new Taigo will be available with the 1.0 TSI engine with 85kW of power and 200Nm of torque. The Taigo’s three-cylinder engine is paired with the 7-speed DSG transmission. Fuel consumption is 5.4 litres / 100 km and it takes just 11.3 seconds to go from 0 to 100km/h.

The Taigo comes standard with a 3 year/120 000km warranty, 3 year/ 45 000km EasyDrive Service Plan and a 12-year anti- corrosion warranty. The service interval is 15 000km.

Retail pricing of the Volkswagen Taigo will be announced closer to the launch date.

Customers who want to Pre-Order the Taigo before it officially goes on sale in June 2022 may do so on the Volkswagen website: