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Kia reaffirms its partnership with the Bakwena N1N4 Toll Concession over the December festive period

  • Kia sponsors six patrol vehicles to Bakwena N1N4 toll road to assist Road Incident Management Services to increase and boost route surveillance, crash assistance and patrol support over the busy December festive period
  • This is the 11th year that parent company Motus is involved with the Bakwena project, and Kia’s third

Kia South Africa today handed over six Kia vehicles to the Bakwena N1N4 Toll Concession for use over the December festive period. This is Kia’s third consecutive year of partnering with Bakwena, supporting its South African parent company – Motus – in promoting good driver behaviour, pedestrian safety and overall road safety on one of the country’s busiest routes.

“While roadworthiness of vehicles, overloading, speeding and unsafe pedestrian behaviour are proven factors that contribute to our country’s road fatalities, another large factor that is often overlooked is the general ill-discipline of our country’s drivers,” comments Gary Scott, CEO of Kia South Africa. “Visible policing assists in encouraging better driving behaviour, attitude and discipline. Kia’s partnership assists in increasing this visibility through the provision of additional patrol vehicles on the route, thereby creating safer roads for all.”

Bakwena will have access to six vehicles over the festive season which will be used by the various law enforcement authorities to assist Road Incident Management Services to increase and boost route surveillance, crash assistance and patrol support over this period along the N1N4 route.

Spokesperson for Bakwena, Solomon Kganyago, says “Road safety is Bakwena’s priority all year-round. Over the busy periods various additional measures have been ramped up along the route including partnering with various law enforcement authorities to ensure the safety of motorists traveling the route. Efforts to improve road safety in South Africa requires the joint efforts of all stakeholders, to use our influence and the resources that we have to intensify road safety initiatives throughout the year focusing on Road Safety education and awareness in an effort to strive for zero fatalities along the N1N4 route.”

Historically, the six vehicles cover in excess of 40,000km collectively, and over this year’s Easter period, assisted at 59 crashes and provided support to 63 road users along the Bakwena N1N4 route. This proactive support has proven results, with decreases in fatalities recorded despite substantial peak-hour traffic volumes.

Kia recently launched its #KiaTsamaya brand campaign, along with a catchy road-trip anthem which expresses the notion of going away, alone and together, and finding inspiration in the places we go to and the shared experiences.

“South Africans as a nation is always on the move,” comments Christo Valentyn, Head of Marketing for Kia South Africa. “In this season when we are encouraging South Africans to get into their cars and to travel, whether it’s to visit family or for a much-needed vacation, we call on all drivers to enjoy every part of the journey. Stop along the way, stretch, greet the unfamiliar faces who are also on a journey, and make sure you arrive at your destination to reap the rewards of the journey.”