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ThinkBike Marshals™, the ThinkBike Road Safety Campaign and the Motorcycle Safety Institute are co-ordinating activities for MAM ’23 to be held during April this year, culminating in a MAM presence at African Bike Week to be held on the South Coast from 28-30 April.

MAM is intended to reinforce the need for road safety and to promote motorcycling as a lifestyle choice, and we would appreciate your participating and supporting this initiative.

Participating and supporting the initiative could be as simple as wearing/displaying a yellow patch on your riding gear (similar to that shown in the MAM NZ logo below), to displaying an MSI/ThinkBike sticker on your vehicle, to providing media exposure, to supporting the initiative financially by means of donations, sponsorship, and discounts to the motorcycling community.

ThinkBike Marshals self-fund the ThinkBike Road Safety Campaign, and any/all contributions received during the MAM initiative will be applied to the campaign. Please see the attached BikeSA article, which provides an overview of the activities undertaken by TB Marshals and the Campaign.

We would obviously like all motorcyclists, bike clubs, the motorcycling industry, media, and other stakeholders in the general public to be involved. Should you/your organisation see your way open to participating and supporting this initiative, please indicate your interest by completing the no-obligation online form ( or contacting me directly so that we can finalise the scope and extent of MAM ’23.

Best regards, and be safe out there

Quinton van Eeden

Senior Marshal / MAM ’23 Project Manager

+27 82 457 3254