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Ford Family Guarantee Brings Customer Experience to Life

  • Ford understands that servicing a vehicle shouldn’t be disruptive or inconvenient   
  • The 60-minute Express Service is already available at over 85 dealerships nationwide 
  • Service Price Calculator designed to generate and compare quotations for your vehicle’s next service   

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA – Ford South Africa is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience and striving to deliver unparalleled convenience and expert guidance throughout every interaction with its dealer network. As Ford prepares to launch exciting new products, the Ford Family Guarantee focuses on every extension of Ford’s dedicated after-sales service teams.

This holistic strategy embraces a customer-centric philosophy that focuses on seamless maintenance and repairs, as well as an easy renewal process into the customer’s next Ford.

Through the integration of both traditional and contemporary platforms, Ford demonstrates a commitment to ongoing learning, attentive listening, and innovative evolution, all in line with its core values of treating customers like family. The goal is to simplify the entire journey of owning a Ford, making it not only convenient but also deeply personalised.

Harm Kruyshaar, Ford’s After-Sales Retail Manager, emphasises this commitment to customer satisfaction: “We recognise the importance of uninterrupted vehicle use. When issues arise, our priority is swift resolution without disrupting your routine.

“We understand that servicing a vehicle shouldn’t be disruptive or inconvenient. By offering an array of options aimed at minimising downtime, enhancing convenience, and ensuring transparent pricing, customers have more control and choice than ever before as part of our commitment to providing an exceptional ownership experience,” Kruyshaar says.

The Ford Family Guarantee is established around six well-defined pillars of communication and convenience. Each of these perform within a broader framework of customer experience that is now setting new industry benchmarks.  

Booking a service with Ford has never been easier, thanks to the seamless options provided through the FordPass App or the dedicated Online Service Booking portal at These platforms empower customers to schedule their vehicle’s maintenance at their convenience, without the hassle of traditional booking methods. The Online Service Booking is available 24/7 in real-time, with customers getting instant confirmation. Some updates, on vehicles fitted with an embedded modem, can be done via over-the-air updates thus ensuring the customer’s experience is always up to date for additional feature enhancements throughout the ownership journey.

Once booked, customers can take advantage of Ford’s efficient 60-minute Express Service, available at over 85 dealerships nationwide. This service is a game-changer, as it boasts the expertise of two skilled technicians who work in tandem to ensure that essential services are completed within the hour. The rapid turnaround time is especially beneficial for fleet and rental customers, for whom minimising downtime is crucial. While their vehicles undergo swift maintenance, customers are invited to relax in the dealership’s comfortable environment, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi for catching up on work emails or enjoying a cup of coffee.

In instances where repairs exceed a 24-hour timeframe, Ford’s commitment to customer convenience shines through its Vehicle Loan Programme. This initiative ensures that owners can continue with their daily activities uninterrupted by providing a loan car for the duration of the repair.

For customers unable to visit a dealership, Ford offers innovative remote service experiences such as the Vehicle Pick-Up and Delivery Service. This unique offering allows dealers to collect the vehicle from the customer’s chosen location, perform the necessary services, and return it promptly post-service completion. Additionally, the upcoming Mobile Service Vehicle solution will cater to those who prefer having routine services conducted at their premises, guaranteeing the same level of quality as dealership services. This adds convenience and choice to the service experience while minimising downtime.

“We’ve been working with multiple teams at Ford to offer our customers more ways to personalise vehicle service,” said Kruyshaar. “By expanding the remote experiences offerings, we can accelerate our ability to be there for customers whenever and wherever they need us. Ford customers appreciate the time savings and consistently rate their satisfaction and willingness to recommend the Ford brand higher as a result of offering these remote experiences.”

Furthermore, Ford’s introduction of the Service Price Calculator represents a significant step towards enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction. This user-friendly tool generates and compares quotations for the vehicle’s next service, enabling customers to make informed decisions before visiting one of the 130 Ford dealerships across the country. By providing complete price transparency, Ford fosters trust and empowers customers to budget effectively, further solidifying its relationship with its valued customers.

The Ford Family Guarantee extends beyond selling cars; with these new systems, channels and tools Ford is fostering relationships built on trust, transparency, and exceptional service.