Physical Address

BOX 5, Westhoven, 2142

About Us

The SAGMJ was born at the South African Grand Prix in East London on 27 December 1962. Three motoring journalists, Robin Emslie, Barry Curtis from The Star and Kenneth Maxwell from the Rand Daily Mail, took the initiative and used the London-based Guild of Motoring Writers’ underlying principles to draft the requirements for developing a constitution for a South African Guild.

From its early days as an invitation-only members club to a Guild that encompassed up to 75% of traditional journalists, the SAGMJ evolved to include modern-day digital media platforms in disseminating information.

We have always strived to be all-inclusive. Currently, the Guild represents the country’s motoring content creators and photographers in the print-, broadcast-, and social media industries. Our members include publishers, editors, journalists, photographers, vloggers, bloggers, influencers, and representatives from the automotive industry.

Since 1962, we pride ourselves on developing the standard of motoring journalism. Over the years, we have promoted road safety in all our communication. We also endeavour to continuously develop relationships between motoring journalists and the automotive industry’s manufacturers and importers.

We are committed to a welfare-centric approach, assisting our members in attaining professional excellence by developing their skills through mentoring and our training- and upliftment programmes. The well-being of our members is enhanced with our tailor-made vehicle accident insurance. The SAGMJ’s Benevolent Fund provides financial aid to members in need.

The motor industry is on the cusp of a new revolution with the growth of smartphone technology, electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology, the trend towards car-sharing, and other ground-breaking developments addressing future mobility needs. The SAGMJ is committed to being a valued, professional guild for automotive content creators today and in the future.

Objectives of the SAGMJ

  • Endeavour, constantly, to achieve the highest possible standards of motoring journalism.
  • Enhance and protect the integrity of the profession.
  • Encourage greater general awareness of the significance of motoring, road safety, motorsport and the motor industry.
  • Focus on, and promote the interests of motoring customers.
  • Recognise with appropriate awards, examples of excellence and noteworthy achievements in motoring; especially those that further the Guild’s aims.
  • Seek improved efficiencies for working motoring journalists.
  • Establish links with fellow motoring journalists and alike organisations.

Benevolent Fund

The Guild has a Benevolent Fund for members and their families that provide financial assistance to those in distress. The fund is under the sole and confidential administration of three trustees of the Guild. To apply for assistance, please click here.

Road Safety Pledge

One of the steps the Guild has taken to adopt a more proactive approach to road safety is a Pledge that has been implemented. Guild members are urged to support the following Pledge:

  • I pledge to act in support of road safety initiatives that are associated with and arranged by the SAGMJ.
  • This will be evidenced in my driving style, my adherence to road rules and the manner in which my conduct may impact the safety of other motorists.
  • I pledge to use the platform made available to me as a journalist to positively influence all I have contact with.

Road Users’ Safety Pledge

I pledge to drive:


  • I will never drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs that can affect my driving ability.
  • I will not allow friends and family to drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs that can affect their driving ability.


  • In a car, I, and my passengers, will wear seat belts. I will only carry children in a child seat appropriate for their size and weight.
  • On a motorcycle, I, and my passengers, will wear helmets.


  • I will only accept or make important calls using a hands-free device.
  • I will not read or send text messages while driving.
  • If possible, I will put my phone on silent and keep it out of sight while I am driving.
Pledges to adhere to the SAGMJ road safety pledge.