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BOX 5, Westhoven, 2142

Dear readers,

Welcome to the Guild’s new-look website. The crisp look represents our new drive to be at the forefront of change in all spheres of the automotive industry.

At our recent AGM in June 2021, we shared the Guild’s new vision and plans for the coming years. Our members accepted our new road with enthusiasm and confidence.

For more than 59 years, the Guild adapted to market forces changing the face of the Industry. The post-pandemic market has also dramatically changed customer needs and -demands and brand fulfilment systems to deliver on new customer expectations.

Despite significant challenges facing the auto industry over the last 18 months, South Africa’s automotive journalists are unfailing in bringing the latest mobility news to the market. We sincerely thank them for their dedication and will continue to support them to share information and content with the market.

The modern-day automotive journalist has adapted to change. They have also adopted new market-communication channels to deliver automotive news and mobility content to their target audiences across all media platforms.

At this year’s AGM, we have informed our members about the Guild’s plans to be more visible in the market and promote the great work of our members, supporting their expert opinions in their endeavours to deliver informative and entertaining content to the market.

We also aim to increase road safety awareness across all corners of the country and provide information to road users about the efforts of the government and Industry’s programmes to make our country’s roads safer and more accessible to new mobility users.

Follow our activities on social media during Transport Month and see what we have planned for the coming months.

Be safe.

Kind regards,

Carl Wepner

Chairman SAGMJ and COTY Juror.